I am a Distracted person with heavy non specific imagination

Age 29


Srishti School {Shitty School}

find me nywere in India

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Effin Indian Government Blocked Newgrounds , It's official , and with Free VPN s It is difficult to Make a visit to Newgrounds everyday in a month. I am really frustrated at this fact that out of all web sites they had to ban Newgrounds. How cool is that ? I may make a plan to move out of the country for work , If I get a decent job.Happy to move out of the country if it tries to block way to career.I literally have said again and again , And I am saying it now that I have learnt so much from Newgrounds and yet here we have a situation where some bunch of random assholes, with no knowledge of whatso ever content is in the site ,dare to block it . For the first time I really hate the country I live in, Times have not changed so much no jobs , poor economy , illiterate ministers no major changes ,but this ass move of Indian Telecom is like Indian government itself indicating that it doesnt support creative jobs , where as the ass sitting in the Prime Minister's position had spent 5-6% worth of the Indian economy's wealth in adverstisement


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hreyas doesn't have any playlists, and should go check out some amazing content on the site and start adding some!

Available for Work


WIll Be open for Commisions like Thmbnailing , Visualisations and Storyboarding and Animatics (Leica Reel ) ,Mostly on NO Income/payment basis.I ll do your Work free, yes you heard it right.And may be I can also get your Sounds Done except for the Voice Over ,I am afraid The Voice Quality/Accent That I have or People nearby me have isn't widely accepted.


So that's it fellers I ll be back soon , Just about  a week later or 2 to announce the status of my Commisions .

Have a Great Day and Keep Your Concepts Ready till then