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hreyas's News

Posted by hreyas - November 27th, 2018

A new LEVEL of Standard has bbeen set



Gosh The world soent stops for a nurturing animator

Posted by hreyas - November 23rd, 2018


This is Roughly animated but give me  tips/critique or Suggestion on how to make it better

PLease GIb a Review



Posted by hreyas - November 4th, 2018

WIll Be open for Commisions like Thmbnailing , Visualisations and Storyboarding and Animatics (Leica Reel ) ,Mostly on NO Income/payment basis.I ll do your Work free, yes you heard it right.And may be I can also get your Sounds Done except for the Voice Over ,I am afraid The Voice Quality/Accent That I have or People nearby me have isn't widely accepted.


So that's it fellers I ll be back soon , Just about  a week later or 2 to announce the status of my Commisions .

Have a Great Day and Keep Your Concepts Ready till then 

Posted by hreyas - October 15th, 2018

I am doing a research , It would be very helpful if you participate in it .All you have to do is fill the questionairre provided . Other any suggestions you would like to provide please  send it in the comments section that would be very helpful  (The Deadline is till 17 Oct 2018 , 2:30pm , IST)


Posted by hreyas - May 1st, 2018

I had put a great amount of effort in a day in Babu's life.I literally was sick and didnt sleep well for 7 days .I might sound like a cry baby , but  i m quite dissapointed and sad as it wasnt nominated for awards this time.I expected atleast 1 award.I had literally put all my energy into it.People around me appreciated my effort for this and i thought this is the time I make myself proud of what i do .Seems It was all worthless.As it is all so time consuming .I ve decided not to do anykind of stopmotion myself.Its different if someone would want my help , But No i m not going to do any of that shit again.The First time I felt this euphoria of getting a name here was when i was crazy and wanted to get mad for being reccomended into the Art Portal group.Didnt work.2nd when I created Fatman the Saviour and This time I thought the same.comeon Newgrounds , am i so pathetic.It's been close to a decade .Is being recognised so hard . In addition to dissapointment and sadness I am clearly pissed.

Posted by hreyas - April 25th, 2018

This is something i and my colleague did for Acting for animation enjoy LOL




Posted by hreyas - April 21st, 2018

I heard Avicii is Dead.What a loss .He was a great msicican .Its not just a loss to his family and fans , but a great loss to the music industry.His music was unique and my intoduction to the EDM genre.I am truly sad.Last year was Chester and this year Avicii , I didnt think it would happen.I never felt like i would  someday have to stop waiting for |a new linkin Park Album or a new avicii Music Video/song.I may not have more words as this has made me totally blank.Tim Bergling,thank you for making my times so awesome.Rest in peace 


Posted by hreyas - April 18th, 2018

I kind of dislike this new interface.Oh come on man this looks bad


Posted by hreyas - April 17th, 2018

I have been in this feild for more than 6 years in learning and a little less than a year.Still I dont have a clue as to why is my art work so bad.My freinds are doing great.It seems I am the only one lagging behind.Deep thoughts coming to me back again .I feel stuck ,the artist's block chaining me to go further betond what i am capable.Its truly horrible to live like this with no creative energy.No this time i m not gonna die .But rather have some patience , and improvise it in some other ways.sigh .Lets hope for the good as hope is the only thing that's left


Posted by hreyas - March 31st, 2018

come have a look at what i have made in all these 7 years.Hope to get better in the coming years. 

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