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trying to deal with this tough thing called life.yeah it's like a kid and i am like a father to it ,it is really tough to handle.Hope I can soon control it.Damn it Growing up as adult is so damn HARD.how do other humans don't get frustated????

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why am i destined to make things this bad ?

Posted by hreyas - April 17th, 2018

I have been in this feild for more than 6 years in learning and a little less than a year.Still I dont have a clue as to why is my art work so bad.My freinds are doing great.It seems I am the only one lagging behind.Deep thoughts coming to me back again .I feel stuck ,the artist's block chaining me to go further betond what i am capable.Its truly horrible to live like this with no creative energy.No this time i m not gonna die .But rather have some patience , and improvise it in some other ways.sigh .Lets hope for the good as hope is the only thing that's left


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You're certainly getting there, thing to note is that your confidence shows in your art through the lines you draw.

Practise until your lines are quick, smooth, and you can confidently draw basic shapes in one stroke.

Just keep drawing and you be a master!

One important thing is not to give up. I would recommend losing any addictions you might have. Something even as simple as gaming too much can affect your creativity. Allow yourself to get bored once in awhile. Watch some videos on how to draw better and apply the knowledge. No artist is self-taught as much as some try to convince people. Go on a walk even. Nature can clear one's mind greatly.

I literally devoted all my free-time to my music for a long while. I never went out with anyone on the weekends, but instead stayed inside all-day learning music. Do I kinda regret not expanding myself socially. Yeah, a little bit. I recommend if this is your thing to try to donate a good amount of time to it.