I had a mood change

2013-04-18 08:58:19 by hreyas

well my new technique is that i will work extrelmely hard so that i may reach my desired goal becoz living in despair does not make any sense .So my fellow newgroundians are u ready for some real action ???Well I guess yes,so here's hreyas determined to work harder than ever and to gain some important status on Newgrounds .Just wait and see the next month I promise you 4 artworks (after PICO DAY )and 2 flash submissions .I will make my buddies and all the Newgrounds really happy through my submissions ,Just wait there and be a spectator Here's the PICO DAY image

I had a mood change


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2013-04-18 11:03:28

Cool! Good luck with the arts!!

hreyas responds:

Oh thanks a lot!


2013-04-26 13:27:55

Looks great! Good luck with the new workflow.

hreyas responds:

oh thanks !