Plans to make a game

2013-04-29 13:28:20 by hreyas

Hey my summer vacations have started and i have hell lot of plans to stay busy .One of them is a game ,most probably a fighting game .I have roughly made the model sheet of the character named Yousuf .And freinds if you say this character looks lot more like Aladeen then yes you may call him bald Aladeen or anything you like :PSo here's is the Model sheet ,I ll be updating with mode artworks and modelsheets for you all to see

Plans to make a game


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2013-04-29 13:35:02

sorry i was not aware that a blank PNG background would make it look so ugly


2013-05-02 13:36:59

The feet on that first one look like they're... backwards!

hreyas responds:

U nfortunately that is front view ,yeah i know it is not your mistake but the fact that this is the worst thing ever i have made on photoshop .Wish i had a Wacom pentablet or an intuous 4/5 ,I could it lot better.I am extremely sorry for this .