here's an artwork to make you feel good

2013-05-01 02:33:32 by hreyas

I posted this pic of a Cowboy which i created in Toon boom studio .Many of you would be thinking that i betrayed you as i promised u a game and posting an artwork but no guys you are thinking it wrong this is not a diversion .Guys I am working hard on the game I promise you your game by this Sunday or Monday(at max) .Here's the doubting cowboy who will make you feel easier.

here's an artwork to make you feel good


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2013-05-01 08:05:28

Ew Toonboom

hreyas responds:

what happened ? you dont like toon boom or what?


2013-05-02 08:45:38

I feel good. Your psychological experiment is working.

hreyas responds:

thank u dude , i was scared if i might dissapoint my fellow newgroundians ,Now it is your comment that is making me feel easy :)