I need a helping hand .Anyone interested ,Reply here

2013-05-03 11:52:44 by hreyas

this time i tried a little hard , and without the help of a pentablet(which i am about to request dad to buy one i guess intuos 5 would be the best ) i have been able to produce such an output.So here's the cover page for the game which i am about to complete on tuesday or wednesday and may be that i gning only half of it .As i am responsible for everything in the game from sound , programming , stage designing , character design etc etc , puff... puff..In short i m being a one man army .But you know if anyone wants to help me , he/she is more than welcome.Treat this as a WIP(work in progress).The story is posted now you can see it.

I need a helping hand .Anyone interested ,Reply here


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2013-05-03 13:08:58

Hey, you're a one man army! :D

hreyas responds:

thanks dude


2013-05-03 15:52:19

Damn, that's a lot of work with a mouse. I suppose I can help with anything (that I'm able to).

hreyas responds:

of course ,of course just message me and tell me what you are better at, programming,keyframe artist,stage designing , or may be sounds and yes i m online now